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VMware has a site on the world wide web called This site contains product walk throughs. These walk throughs provide a step by step overview of VMware architecture components, and a how to configure these. For the viewer this is not only following the slides, but some interactive clicking of menu or object items. Several subjects are up there like VSAN, NSX and version 5.5 features.


The subjects are walked through in an overview knowledge layer of the components and features. For a in depth technical deep dive VMware offers a different site Hands-on-Labs. Hans on Labs can be found at


A list of VMware products and their Walkthrough URL’s

Unfortunately the root of the walk through site does not include a subject list. You will have to know the URL’s for your subjects. Some are easy to guess (like VSAN at, others are a bit harder to find (they are included on the VSAN site but not on NSX).


The list of subjects:

– Virtual SAN:– NSX:
– vSphere Data Protection:– vSphere App HA:
– vCloud Director
– vSphere Replication:
– vSphere Flash Read Cache:

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