vCenter 5.1 installation on Windows 2012 fails at SPS – ProtectedStorage none existing service

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In the middle of building a VMware Horizon Suite 5.2 lab for a comparison demo (VDI, mobility et al) I was installing vCenter 5.1 on Windows 2012. I can almost be sure I have tried an earlier installation that didn’t show this problem, but hay my memory sometimes plays a little trick on me (I’m used to VCSA in my lab environments). Could be Update 1 as vCenter 5.1 is not supported to run on Windows 2012 (and cue warning not for production only U1 is supported on Windows 2012 (and without the R2)). But vCenter 5.1 without update is in my Horizon Suite evaluation, and this is a lab…

Anyhow, with the installation of SSO en inventory service passed I tried to install the vCenter Server. Nothing new nothing fancy. Only at the SPS (the Profile Drive Storage part) the installer stops and redirects me to the logs. Okay… While checking the logs and system logs the following is registered as event id 7000.:


Okay ProtectedStorage. So fire up service manager via and protectedStorage in dependency of VMware VirtualCenter Server. And no ProtectedStorage service to be found (also no service ).


So power up those register skills and check the dependencies of the VPX service. You can find that at ComputrerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesvpxd and then DependOnService key.


Here we see ProtectedStorage, next to Workstation service and MSSQL Express (only if you combine this locally). Remove that ProtectedStorage entry and close registry. You will have to restart to server and on boot up the vCenter Server service is started. (Yes really check in your services ;-))

You will have to rerun the vCenter Server installation to complete the required components. It will start where it left off.

– Enjoy labbing!

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