Being part of Nutanix blogger session and opening of EMEA HQ

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On februari the 18th I, together with other bloggers from the Netherlands (the netherlands as a whole, not just one country), was invited to an informal Nutanix blogger session. One plus one is that I should make a blog about that.
At this session we were updated on the Nutanix EMEA HQ opening and strategy with the community and Nutanix. The update session was at the new EMEA HQ of Nutanix in Hoofddorp the Netherlands that was opened on the same day. At the blogger session founder / CEO Dheeraj Pandey (@trailsfootmarks) and Howard Ting (@howardting),VP Marketing/Product Management were also present. Great meeting these guys, and all the others from the Nutanix family. And also very nice to meet some of the community in person.


For the bloggers this session was all about how Nutanix needs the community and how the community can be an important part for Nutanix.

And we got a hard copy of the Nutanix special edition Software-Defined Storage for Dummies. You can grab your free e-version at


(liked I tweeted a good combination bubbles, bloggers, software defined storage and opening of Nutanix EMEA )

But first a little about the Nutanix solution as I have not yet written about this subject (only named them in some IO articles).

Small introduction to Nutanix

Nutanix is a (hyper)converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the computing (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance. Nutanix calls this the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. The integrated appliances work in a modular building block design, what makes it a simple and scalable solution. This makes it easy to start with a small deployment and scale incremental to a large cluster solution. Because of the consolidation of the computing and storage tier, Nutanix eliminates the requirement for a complex storage infrastructure. This introduces simplicity to your infrastructure, and cuts down in deployment en engineering/maintenance costs. This furthermore keeps to IO within the Nutanix building blocks, at which your workloads gets it’s IO without having to move downstream and upstream to storage infrastructures. The simplicity goes even further with this solution by delivering rapid deployment without disruptions, and easy management from a single management layer.

Each Nutanix instance or node runs a hypervisor (VMware ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V are currently supported) and a Nutanix controller VM (CVM). This controller VM handles all IO operations for the nodes local hypervisor and VM’s.

An architecture model for a Nutanix node taken from the Nutanix web site.


When the Nutanix nodes are grouped together they form a distributed platform which is called the Nutanix Distributed File system (NDFS). To the hypervisor the NDFS appears to be a centralized storage layer, but from within the Nutanix solution the IO is handled local on the nodes to provide the highest performance to the required workload/User VM’s. And by forming a group, NDFS leverages techniques including striping, replication, auto-tiering, error detection, fail over and automatic recovery. By presenting centralized storage pools, hypervisor features like high availability, vMotion and DRS can be leveraged as well.

A perfect match for VD, for virtualizing business critical applications like MSSQL and Exchange and elastic big data.

The community

Nutanix acknowledges the importance of the community and is willing to be part of the community, and let the community be part of the Nutanix magic. As discussed at this blogger session, the community is needed to keep the company (and others in the digital space) honest and real. The company needs feedback from the community about technical and even strategical choices. It’s great of a company to reach out and acknowledge the importance of a community for a product, with a added bonus of an in person session. It takes two to tango….
Most bloggers will not be one subject biased, but we all have our favorite subjects and knowledge background were we can be of a specific assistance. Great solutions will be broader adopted in the (enough with borders) community. That is a step one, great for doing some more steps and match the community to some of the parts in the Nutanix solution.

Thanks Nutanix

A big thank you is in order for the invitation as I am just trying to get used to the community and practicing my blogging skills. Now let’s see how I can be part of this Nutanix community magic…..let’s see what will be `next’…..

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