Let’s get ready to rumble – voting for the 2014 top VMware & virtualization blogs is open!

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Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) from vsphere-land.com yesterday opened this years voting for the 2014 top VMware & virtualization blogs.
There are some plus 300 blogs participating on this years ballot. And new for this year is some great prize giveaways courtesy of Veeam.

A lot changed from the 2008 beginning to this years voting. You can read all about the history in Eric’s http://vsphere-land.com/news/the-history-of-the-top-blog-voting-over-the-years.html
post. A big thanks you is in order to Eric for setting up this contest every year.

I am honoured to be part of the list of great VMware and virtualization blogs. I started a half year ago and this blogging stuff is hard work.
But I’m not ready yet. If you liked any of my content, please remember my blog for the voting. Yes there are a lot of good blogs on vLaunchpad (http://planet.vsphere-land.com/),
I will not be disapointed that much if I’m not in this years top lists. There is always next year(s). My content (and hopefuly my skills) will grow.

For this year voting can be done at this linkie : http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1553027/Top-VMware-virtualization-blogs-2014.
Voting can be done until 17 March 2014.


The voting procedure in short:

  • Step 1, Vote for your ten blogs for the top 50, when you reach ten the checkboxes will be greyed out. The current top 50 (that is the 2013) are in bold in the list. You can find Pascal’s Wereld on the 2014 ballot. But please vote accordant to your own taste.
  • Step 2, Drag the ten votes in the appropiate order. Rank 1 gets 10 points, Rank 10 get 1 point.
  • Step 3, Choose the favorites in the presented categories. If you didn’t pick blogs in the top 50, you can still vote for them in the categories. The top 50 and category lists are independant. Or you can go for the none if you accencidental never visit those blogs. Don’t forget Pascal’s Wereld in the New Blogger and independent blogger categories.
  • Step 4, Enter your name and e-mail address to be included in the price give a way. And fill in the nice Captcha.
  • Step 5, Submit.
  • Step 6, Tell others that you voted and let them vote as well.

Be honest in your voting and your selection of blogs. A little warning, there is some protection like Captcha, one vote per IP adress, location etc. If there is any indication of fraud these votes will be removed. If your in a organization/company network, be sure to be the first to cast the vote over your colleagues (and direct them to their home network to cast their vote)

– Please join the voting!

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