VMware Utility Belt must have tools – RVTools 3.6 released

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This februari the 22nd RVTools version 3.6 was released. As I use this tool very often, and I notice on some occasions not all consultants are familiar with this tool, I wanted to write a post about RVTools to further spread the word.

This in my opinion is the tool each VMware specialist must have in his VMware utility belt together with the other standard presented tools. At this time RVTool is free and lightweight, very simple in usage, and budget is small (just a donation!) and will not have to be a constrain to use this tool.

What is RVTools?

RVTools is a Windows .NET application which used the VI SDK to display information about your VMware infrastructure.
Connection can be made to vCenter or a single host to get information about hosts, VM’s, VM Tools information, Data stores, Clusters, networking, CPU, health and more. This information is displayed in a tab view. Each tab represents a type of information for when clicking on the tab you will be displayed that specific kind of information from your environment.

RVTools can currently interact with Virtual Center 2.5, ESX Server 3.5, ESX Server 3i, Virtual Center 4.x, ESX(i) Server 4.x, Virtual Center 5.0, Virtual Center Appliance, ESXi Server 5.0, Virtual Center 5.1, ESXi Server 5.1, Virtua lCenter 5.5, ESXi Server 5.5.

RVTools can export the inventory to Excel and CSV for further analysis. The same tab from the GUI will be visible in Excel.



There is also a command line option to have (for example) a inventory schedule and let the results be send via e-mail to an administrative address.

Use Cases?

On site Assessment / Analysis; Get a simple and fast overview of a VMware infrastructure. The presented information is easy to browse through, where in the vSphere Web Client you would go clicking through screens. When there is something interesting in the presented data you can go deeper with the standard vSphere and ESXi tools. Perfect for fast analysis and health checks.

– Off site Assessment / Analysis; Get the information and save the Excel or CSV dump to get a fast overview and dump for later analysis. You will have the complete dump (a point in time reference that is) which you can easily browse through when writing up an analysis/health check report.

– Documentation; The dumped information can be used on or offline to write up documentation. Excel tabs are easily copied in to the documentation.

– (Administrator) reporting; Via the command tool get a daily overview of your VMware infrastructure. Compare your status of today with the point in time overview of the day before or last week (depending on your schedule and/or retention). Use this information in the daily tasks of adding/changing documentation, analysis, reporting and such.

Release 3.6 Notes

From the version information page, at 3.6 the following has been added:

  • New tab page with cluster information
  • New tab page with multi-path information
  • On vInfo tab page new fields HA Isolation response and HA restart priority
  • On vInfo tab page new fields Cluster affinity rule information
  • On vInfo tab page new fields connection state and suspend time
  • On vInfo tab page new field The vSphere HA protection state for a virtual machine (DAS Protection)
  • On vInfo tab page new field quest state.
  • On vCPU tab page new fields Hot Add and Hot Remove information
  • On vCPU tab page cpu/socket/cores information adapted
  • On vHost tab page new fields VMotion support and storage VMotion support
  • On vMemory tab page new field Hot Add
  • On vNetwork tab page new field VM folder.
  • On vSC_VMK tab page new field MTU
  • RVToolsSendMail: you can now also set the mail subject
  • Fixed a data store bug for ESX version 3.5
  • Fixed a vmFolder bug when started from the command line
  • Improved documentation for the command line options

Pretty fly…


RVTools is written by Rob de Veij aka Robware. You can find Rob on twitter (@rvtools) and via his website http://robware.net.
Big thank you Rob for letting this excellent tool in the cyberspace!

As the tool is currently free please donate if you find the application useful to help and support Rob in further developing and maintaining RVTools.

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