VMworld Barcelona 2014 – Blogger pass awarded and information and tips for a VMworld visit.

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I have earlier received a notice from VMware in my mailbox: Congratulations! This email serves as an official notification that you have been awarded a blogger pass to VMworld 2014 Barcelona.

I’m pleased and honored to be awarded this blogger pass to VMworld Barcelona. Hotel and flight are already booked. And where to start, yes by blogging about VMworld Barcelona 2014 with some information and tips.

VMworld 2014

At VMworld Barcelona 2014 I will be doing session, meeting people, visit some vendors and I will be tweeting and blogging around to place (and yes also some party attending). I can say I am really looking forward to this, and I’m also looking forward to meeting the community.

You can also find me on the blogger list/page (http://www.vmworld.com/community/vmworldblogs/#feed?src=vmw_so_vex_pheld_277) and twitter (subscribe at https://twitter.com/VMworld/europe-contributors) lists.

Not registered yet, come and join the party!

VMworld Early bird (save 200 euro’s) has been over, but there are other savings. Other savings possibilities include VCP, VMUG Advantage and such.

What are you waiting for? Register here: http://www.vmworld.com/registration.jspa?src=vmw_so_vex_pheld_277.

Tips for a nice VMworld experience

  • Bring several sets comfy shoes and socks. One set on the event (for socks maybe a set extra) and one set for the parties.
  • Pack light during the day. Bags will get heavier when your tired and have collected lot’s of swag (useful or not). Maybe the first day pack even lighter as you probably receive the VMworld back pack on that day. Decide whether you need all your electrics appliances, select the ones needed. Don’t travel true the city screaming hey I’m from out of town and visiting a tech show (by letting your VMworld badge hang around your neck for example), this can increase attention from pickpockets or other sort of thievesGet some water bottles and snacks for during the day.
  • Don’t try to over schedule. Last year I scheduled a lot of session, all very nice and interesting. But this gives you almost no time to rewind and relax, talk to people (as other people also want to talk to them), eat and drink properly and write a blog post. Sessions are recorded so there is opportunity enough to watch/listen them back.
  • Use the schedule builder to plan and preregister for your sessions. Look at the content and find the sessions you really want to visit. Pro is that you don’t have to wait in line to be allowed to the session, pre-scheduled persons are allowed in first and places are filled with people waiting in line. The VMworld Europe Schedule Builder is not released until 15th August.
  • Do bring a net/notebook for blogging purposes (not too heavy). An iPad is fine for notes, but either have a proper keyboard setup with that, a proper blog app or bring your notebook.
  • Check the status of the WiFi of your hotel when blogging from your hotel. Do believe the experiences other guests left about the hotel. Last year my hotel had poor WiFi connection and poor WiFi speed (especially during the night, I wonder why…), no good to start a blog post in the evening (or night during insomnia). During the day there are a lot of locations to blog and hook to the VMworld WiFi (sometimes let’s you check in with the San Francisco settings in there ;-))
  • Exam scheduled at the event are at reduced prices (up to 75%). Great to pass some of  the roadmapped certifications you have. If this is a first time, please be aware that in all the hectic of an event, degraded body and mind condition, an exam at the event might not the best place to succeed especially when planned at the end of the event.
  • Be on time for sessions and don’t leave before QA is finished. It is not respectful to the speakers (only when you have a good reason, and nausea from a party the night before isn’t :-P).
  • It sometimes is beneficial to take a photo for a blog post or tweet. But slides of sessions are recorded and available afterwards. It can bug your fellow session participants (especially the ones right beside you) that don’t like you waiving your iPad in front of you to take a picture of every (and every) slide.
  • Use the provided Fira Metro shuttle bus service. There is a lot of walking during the day.
  • Last year I booked a hotel in the centre of Barcelona. Great for some taste of Barcelona and close to some parties, but a little far from the conference. It takes a 40-50 minutes to get from the hotel on the metro, train and bus. This is not always a problem, but when you have tired legs and feet it is not always fun to travel in busy public transport as you will not often get a seat. This year I booked a hotel half way between Fira and the city centre, cuts down on traveling and gives you the opportunity to visit Barcelona (and party). My hotel even offers a free bicycle service to use.
  • Don’t know if it going to be here this year, but previous years that was a T-10 1 zone sponsored (by Veeam) Metro card and available to be picked up at the information stand at the venue.

 Links to important information / pages (also for my own reference)

Party and gatherings

Next to a great event are parties to unwind and meet your peers in a nice social atmosphere. Via the http://www.vmworld.com/community/gatherings?src=vmw_so_vex_pheld_277 link you can view the events that are registered and setup. Currently Barcelona isn’t yet open. Of course there is the VMworld party on Wednesday 15th October from 20:00 at the VMworld Barcelona Fira venue. Other expected parties include VMUG party and several partner/companies will be having there own gatherings. Be sure to keep an eye on the social community and the gatherings link above.

 Got some information, tips and such that I’m leaving out, please leave a comment.

  • Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sources: vmworld.com

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