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And this is blog post number 100 in almost 4 years of blogging. A great milestone if I say so myself. And since my last was in 2013, a recap post is overdue 😉 So here goes crunching some numbers.

TL;DR This post is a little recap what I have done with my blog with some statistics from the years. Mainly for the fun of it. I don’t know how useful these are for you, but I can share them anyways as these are a bit of fun for me looking back these couple of years.

Over time I received some questions regarding what it takes doing a blog. Questions like what made you or how did you start, what is your traffic, hosting, time spent, sponsoring,  and so on. Sometimes I can answer these with some ease, but as I am not really a statistics junkie….well not before this one anyway….I could not always give answers. But apparently I have loads of statistic data. I don’t know how useful these are for you, but I can share them anyways as these are a bit of fun for me looking back without anger.

With this anniversary blog post I want to share some of those details about the Pascal’s Wereld blog. These are organic figures, I am not all into blogging, social and SEO strategies. Nor do I spend money for getting larger numbers. If larger or fewer numbers are supposed to happen, they will happen at some point in this time string.

I think the biggest part to blogging is sharing experience and knowledge out there. Just write it up. Personally it doesn’t matter if the figures are low or high. If it helps one person that is more than enough reward to me.

Anyway, here goes with the stats….


This makes post number 100.
Posted in about 21 subject categories.

Started in August 2013 and its now june 2017 which makes it almost 4 years putting information out there:
2013 had 37 posts released.
2014 had 38 posts released.
2015 had 7 posts released.
2016 had 1 post released.
2017 had 16 posts released up to now, making this one number 17.

>1000 followers on twitter reached.
>10 followers on Facebook page of pascalswereld.
183 subscribers or blog followers.

Note: the statistics and top somethings that follow after this are counted from when I moved my blog to I first started my blog on Tumblr and had some google analytics back then. I migrated from Tumblr to WordPress end of May 2014. With some TTL caching the first visitors reached this site in June 2014. The statistics before June 2014 where not migrated and are not counted. They are however close, it is not that I had ten thousands of visitors in the period of August 2013 to June 2014.

Over the years 43,000 visitors visited this blog,
coming from 170 countries. Well as counted by WordPress. For example the European Union is in the countries list as well.
Currently averaging on 1500 visitors per month.
44 comments were posted,
and this blog has been protected from over 61,000 spam comments.

Most popular blog posts

The top 5 of most read blog posts:

  1. Migrating vCenter databases from SQL Express to SQL Server
  2. PowerCLI Collection – Adding SNMP settings to ESXi hosts
  3. PowerCLI Collection: Reporting to HTML
  4. PowerCLI Collection: Setting RDM PereniallyReserved flag on RDM LUNS used by MSCS Nodes that take a long time to scan or boot
  5. vSphere: Working with traffic filtering in the vNetwork Distributed Switch

Note: these are over the whole time that  I was blogging. On my page in the side bar is a top listing by activity. These differ as they take other figures into account.

Most popular referrers to the blog posts

The top 5 referrers are:

  1. Search Engines, with 90% Google followed by Bing and then followed by the rest.
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit
  5. Facebook

In comparison almost 50% percent of the traffic to my blog comes from search engines. The other traffic is in order Twitter, Reddit, VMwareblogs and Facebook (very closely followed by Linkedin).

Top 5 visitors countries

The top 5 of visitors come from:

  1. United States with 34% of the visitors starting their session US-based
  2. The Netherlands with 8,2%
  3. United Kingdom with 5,9%
  4. India with 4,8%
  5. Germany with 4,6%

Where did the visitors click exit to from one of my Blog posts

The top 5 domains links are clicked to are:


Awards through blogging

VMworld 2014 Bloggers pass awarded
vExpert 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
A great group of readers

Getting that blogging somewhat covered in costs

On this part a big shout out goes to the Oracle Ravello Cloud for the vExpert Free Service Account. 1000 CPU hours per month. This helped me enormously with the test labs throughout my posts. I like to see if the stuff I blog about work. Or do a little investigation. I spend some time in cooking up a blog post. Without the vExpert Free Service account I would have some blogging budget issues getting a cloud service lab, building and maintaining a home lab or only blog when I get a connection to a home lab. With this service I can spin up a test lab from anywhere.

What’s next?

Continue sharing knowledge back to the community. When you have ideas or requests for something to be worked out, or to tell me to shut up see the about page for contact details.
Check out some hosting plans to move of the default platform.
Check out some new blog art work possibilities.
Working on some other nice additions to the knowledge sharing.
Restart the public speaking engagements.

Thank you

Thank you all for sticking around and reading my ramblings throughout the years. Hope to meet up with some of you in person at VMworld Barcelona this september…..Wait? What september?!? Yes september 11-14.

So go and register here: Want some preparations tips and tricks? Read this blog post from vHojan:

– Enjoy and see you around!

If you have some other questions or inquiries, please do contact me. See my details in the about page.

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