vROPS: Upgrading vROPS for Horizon 6.5 and vROPS 6.6

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As announced at https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2017/09/vrealize-operations-for-horizon-published-apps-6-5.html vROPS for Horizon 6.5 was released on 21 September. Next, to some expected improvements, there are two bonuses to this upgrade:
– one, you can upgrade to vROPS 6.6 which was not supported with vROPS for Horizon 6.4.
– two, you can use NVidia Virtual GPU Management Pack to get some long wished insights of GPUs in the Horizon environments. This one I will described in a later blog post.
– And maybe three, support for the current App Volumes versions and Unified Access Gateways. They were working in vROPS for Horizon 6.4, but not with supported versions.

The starting point to go to vROPS for Horizon 6.5 is either green-fielding to vROPS for Horizon version 6.5, in which you don’t need this blog post; or starting with a current version of vROPS for Horizon 6.4 and want to upgrade. Upgrading to vROPS for Horizon 6.5 is step one, upgrading to vROPS 6.6 is optional but highly recommended. Both will be described in this blog post.

Upgrade vROPS for Horizon

You will need to get some downloads from the VMware page, for example with Horizon 7.3 or directly to vRealize Operations for Horizon 6.5. You will need:

  • vROPS for Horizon 6.5 Management Pack (vRealize Operations for Horizon Adapter PAK)
  • vROPS for Horizon 6.5 Broker Agent
  • Optionally the desktop agent, but this depends on the agent version you are using. For example running Horizon 7.1 will not need this upgrade.


  • Stop the Broker Agent on the connection server(s) that is connected to the vROPS instance you are upgrading. Open the vRealize Operations for Horizon Broker Agent Settings and go to the Broker Agent Service screen and stop the Broker agent.
  • Snapshot or otherwise make a backup. Do not quiescence if snapshotting vROPS.
  • Upgrade the vROPS for Horizon Adapter in vROPS. Go to administration – Solutions. Select the green plus sign

  • and follow the steps to add the vROPS for Horizon Adapter 6.5 PAK.

  • Upgrade the vROPS Broker Agent on the connection server. Run the Broker Agent installer.
  • Run through the configuration and start the Broker Agent service.

  • Wait and check the collection and data in dashboards.

Note: if your starting point is vROPS for Horizon 6.0 you will first have to upgrade to vROPS for Horizon 6.1 and then on to vROPS for Horizon 6.5.

Upgrade vROPS

Now that vROPS for Horizon is upgraded to version 6.5, you can also upgrade to vROPS 6.6. If the starting point is vROPS 6.4 appliance the upgrade is very easy and straightforward. Download the virtual appliance upgrade PAK from the My VMware site, you will need to do this from a vRealize Operations page. The upgrade is not available from vRealize Operations for Horizon Page.

You will need:

  • Download: vRealize Operations Manager – Virtual Appliance upgrade.
  • Admin password.


  • Go to the Admin page: https://yourvrops/admin and login with admin.
  • Select Software Update

  • Select the virtual appliance PAK file and upload (select Reset out of the box)

  • Accept EULA.
  • Check the information and create a backup of vROPS (snapshot vROPS without quiescing  for example)
  • Install.
  • As the upgrade is twofold, first the appliance will be updated and restarted. After the restart you will see the beautiful vROPS 6.6 login page, the installer will continue with the application upgrade. You can login to monitor the progress.

  • Done. Give it a few moments to check if your data is received and processed.

Note: The installer will display a screen to go to the release notes. This is a dead link pointing at http://pubs.vmware.com/Release_Notes/en/vrops/66/vrops-661-release-notes.html. You will need to actually go to https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Operations-Manager/6.6/rn/vrops-66-release-notes.html.

And the result will be.

– Enjoy your vROPS for Horizon 6.5 and vROPS 6.6

Sources: vmware.com


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