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The latest version of Vembu BDR Suite v3.8.0 is available, and so is a new Free Edition. Free? Yes, the Vembu BDR Suite is available in a Free and a paid edition. The bits are the same for both free and paid edition, but the functionality depends on the license being used. If you want to use the Free Edition this does not require any license conversion post its trial period, as the trial package of Vembu BDR Suite automatically gets converted into the Free edition. The only thing you have to do for the Free Edition is to choose between the following two options:

  • Having Unlimited Vembu BDR features for a maximum of three virtual machines, or
  • Being able to back up an unlimited amount of virtual machines with restricted Vembu features.

The free edition is free forever and IT administrators can continue managing their backups with the trial version with one of the above choice. If you want to find out and compare the Free versus the Paid Edition, you can start here.

Latest and greatest features of the Vembu BDR Suite Free Edition

In this blog post, we will dive further into the details of the feature options. Starting with the free unlimited features for a maximum of three VMs option, followed by the limited features for an unlimited amount of VMs.

Unlimited Vembu BDR features included for Limited amount of (max 3) VMs

This Free Edition option offers some of the following major features:

  1. Agentless VMware backups for multiple VMs: Configuring backups for protecting multiple VMs without physically installing any agent.
  2. Disk Image Backups from BDR Server: Disk Image Backups can now be configured and managed via Vembu BDR Server. Relying on proxy agents is no longer required unless it’s a distributed deployment which requires individual proxy agent installation.
  3. Full VM Backup: Will back up the entire VM including OS, applications and the data.
  4. Storage Pooling: Storage Pools are used to aggregate the space available from different volumes and utilize them as a storage for specific backups. The hybrid volume manager of Vembu BDR Server supports scalable and extendable backup storage for different storage media such as Local drives, NAS(NFS and CIFS) and SAN(iSCSI and FC). Vembu BDR provides storage pooling option for both backup level and group level.
  5. LAN free data transfer using SAN and Hot- Add modes: Vembu VM backup support Direct SAN, Hot-Add and network transport mode to back up the VM data.
  6. Auto Authorization: Enabling Auto authorization in Vembu BDR allows proxy agents to get registered to the backup server using unique registration key generated by respective BDR server.
  7. Automatic Backup Scheduling: Backups can be automatically scheduled as per the user’s flexibility
  8. Encryption Settings: Users can now provide additional security to their disk-based backup jobs by assigning custom-password to the backup server, such that all their backup data will be encrypted and can be restored/accessed only by providing the custom-password.
  9. FLR from GUI (Backup & Replication): File Level Recovery (FLR) is now available for both backup and replication jobs where a user can choose specific files and folders from VMware/Hyper-V/Disk Image backups and VMware replication, to be restored in a quick fashion.

Backup and recovery holds good for both physical and virtual environments and makes granular recovery possible with great ease. You will able to scale out your storage, secure your individual backup jobs with in-built deduplication, encryption, and compression that makes its own file system called, the VembuHIVE.

Now let’s get to know those restricted features for unlimited virtual machines.

Restricted Features for unlimited amount of virtual machines

This Free Edition option has the following restricted features :

  1. Application-aware processing: Configuring them for a Hyper-V environment is restricted. Good with VMware vSphere ESXi(s).
  2. Changed Block Tracking: Only the incremental blocks which are changed since the previous backup will be tracked and  backed up in the successive backup schedule thereby reducing disk space and time
  3. Retention Policies: User can retain any number of recovery points of his own choice. They come to great use when it comes to storing the backup data.
  4. Near CDP: Incremental backup can be scheduled every 15 mins to ensure the RPO < than 15 mins
  5. Quick VM recovery to ESXi: Incremental backup can be scheduled every 15 mins to ensure the RPO < than 15 mins.
  6. Automated Backup verification: Verify the recoverability of the backed up images and screenshot of the booted Image backup will be emailed


Want to see for yourself?

Well, there is nothing left more to think about. It’s time to make the right decision, and take her for a spin. As Vembu BDR Suite is suitable for both testing and production environments, you could start right away with getting the Free edition of Vembu BDR Suite by Clicking here. Enjoy!

About Vembu BDR Suite

Vembu’s leading software product development has been focussing on Backup and Disaster Recovery software for data centers over a decade. Its flagship offering is the BDR Suite of products that consists of VMBackup for VMware vSphere and Hyper-V, Disk Image backups for Physical machines, Workstations. Backing up individual files and folders to physical servers and cloud can be performed with Vembu Network Backup and Online Backup respectively.

Take a look at the Partner page of Vembu on this blog to find out more about the Vembu and the Vembu offerings.

Sources: vembu.com

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