I will be speaking at Transform!: Secure Desktop – A Horizon with NSX Jumpstart

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On Tuesday 21st of November ITQ will host her Digital Transformation Event: Transform! This jam-packed event will have several ITQ, VMware, Pivotal and IBM speakers covering a range of topics such as End User Computing (EUC), (Cloud Native) Development, Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), Hybrid Cloud and IT Transformation Services (ITTS). For more details on the awesome sessions, take a peek at the Transform! agenda.

There is still room so register here. Hope to see you there!

And now for a shameless plug of my own session.

My Session Plug: Secure Desktop – A Horizon with NSX Jumpstart

I will also present a session on Transform! I will be presenting a session at 3.45pm (15:45) on Jumpstarting VMware Horizon with NSX to get a secure desktop estate. This is a technical session answering the important questions around the secure virtual desktop, VMware Horizon and NSX topics. Why would we need VMware Horizon and NSX to get the virtual desktop secure? How do we do this is the main question we would like to get answered in this session. Here we focus on answering the how question with some experience from the field and tips & tricks. And what possibilities are out there to help you. These together will give guidance to successfully Jumpstart Horizon with NSX for a secure desktop experience.

ITQ Transform - Secure Desktop A Horizon with NSX Jumpstart

– Hope to see you there. You are invited!

Sources: https://itq.nl/transform/


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