I will be speaking at NLVMUG UserCon 2018: Secure Desktop – A Horizon with NSX Jumpstart

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Almost a month from now, but I’m very proud and honored to be on the agenda at this years NLVMUG UserCon on March 20th with a Horizon and NSX Secure Desktop session. Go and say hi to me in Dexter 17 – 18 at 10:20.
While you will be at the NLVMUG, also take a peek at the awesome speaker’s list or the agenda, for some other speakers and their awesome sessions. Though choices ;). The keynotes will be done by no other than Pat Gelsinger –Pat Gelsinger, CEO VMware for the Opening keynote, and Joshua McKenty –Vice President, Global Ecosystem Engineering, Pivotal will do the afternoon keynote.

This year there is a pre-con day on March the 19th. Details for the pre-con can be found over here.  The pre-con is also pretty packed with a Hackathon (I can only say I had a very good experience at the VMworld Hackathon), VCDX Workshop, and multiple R&D tracks.

NLVMUG UserCon 2018

My Session information

10:20 – 10:40 Secure Desktop – a Horizon with NSX Jumpstart

A secure virtual desktop estate is very important for organizations. There are lots of threats and large attack surfaces around. Why would we need Horizon and NSX to enable the secure virtual desktop? This session will answer this why and goes further answering the how with some experiences from the field.

Just installing NSX in an EUC infrastructure will not cut it. You will need some rules and services if you want some protection options. But how do we put all those components, and where do we put these securities in? We highlight the how and what possibilities are already out there to help you.

These together will give enough guidance to Jumpstart your Horizon environment with NSX, for a secure desktop experience. Without us all having to be NSX uber-gurus

– Enjoy! Hope to see you there!

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