The Living Dead have returned from VMworld Barcelona

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Hola! Time for a small VMworld recap. And what did we get this time?
A nice city—Check!
A conference —Check!
A community – Check!
A great team – Check!
A sh*t load of information – Check!

We are getting big, better and biggest with close to 12000 attendees and 90 nationalities. And, the 10th VMworld Europe anniversary. Since 2012 visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona. Barcelona in November. Not so hot, but still in a familiar place.

Again this was kind of an experience. And that Fira Gran Via place. Yeah.. well…I have seen that thing for quite some years now. If there is a vote for some other location, I don’t mind a different venue. But enough for now! Let’s get the recap party started.

There was a Monday you say?

Monday often starts with arriving and getting your badge. Well for those not arriving on Sunday or Tuesday morning. Besides some partner-oriented sessions and workshops, the Monday isn’t that packed with sessions anymore, with partners having their own conference with VMware Empower. But it is great to easily start the conference experience. Also, it is a great moment to start with Hands-on-labs and certifications before the queues grow huge and your fitness is decimated.

(Digital workspace) security

The Tuesday keynote was, amongst other subjects, about Any Device, Any Application, and Any Cloud. Basically going through the theatre of IT with scene one bringing ESX and vSphere together and first experiencing datacenter virtualization. Scene two brings managing devices and empowering users’ digital workspace with Workspace ONE. And the rest is for enabling mobility together with the other Super Powers of Technology:

With one important factor: security!

As security is one of the fundamental pieces in the IT strategy, Pat mentioned security as a big part of his Tuesday keynote.
Fewer security products and more security itself. Chasing bad simply does not work. Intrinsic security and ensuring good. This is Built-in Workspace ONE, NSX, encryption in the SDDC, and so on. And bringing data center endpoint security and Application security via a solution at the compute layer with AppDefense. AppDefense is available with vSphere Platinum and since Tuesday with vCloud Suite Platinum. Reduce the attack surface. Learn, Adapt and lock via Manifest and machine learning. Adapt to changes and lock. Continuous and over again.
Every year organizations are spending more and more money on security, but not becoming more secure. How can that be?!? We need to change the model of security to a model that can adapt itself and can adjust to current trends and threats.

Workspace intelligence – Order in the chaos

Create order in the chaos. End the chaos. End the complexity with insights and automation tasks. To be truly consumer simple. How? With Workspace ONE intelligence. Modern management cross-device vendors Apple, Android and Windows. Machine learning intelligence and zero trust. Much needed insights in for example the application landscape, OS updates and application compatibility to fully empower IT. CloudHealth even brings insights across Amazon, Azure, VMware on AWS, Google and Datacenter cloud service. There is savings integration with Wavefront to investigate resource recommendations before accepting.
And much more was showcased in the EUC sphere that Tuesday afternoon. And take a look at this post for more details.

Pat is not addicted to chaos
Looks like Pat is not addicted to the chaos.

Join the Beta’s

There were some beta’s announced for Project Dimension and the Pulse IoT Center 2.0. Do join!
Beta Links VMworld


The keynote ended with a little more surprise for IoT. A Raspberry PI with ESXi which was soon converted to ESXpi on the social media channels. The vCommunity is strong with product namings 😉

Session recordings

With running around the venue, meeting the vCommunity, running around the solution exchange and having some meetings, it will not be always possible to find you at the right time at that planned Session. Or these were full five seconds after the schedule builder opened up. Or you just remembered to put in some personal time (very important!). Playback URLs for the VMworld EU sessions recording can be found at: Take a peek and re-run your favorite or missed sessions.

Meeting the vCommunity and getting my energy drained

Some people like getting around, sitting in rooms and meeting lots of people. They shine to be in the center. Absorb. Feed. …….I don’t. My energy is drained after the first coffee meetup, and to be honest, the rest of the day can be quite the experience. Good that there are some miles available to be walking around with …erm.. no goals and just my walls….Secondly it also doesn’t help when you have some bodily experience with foreign food. Not a problem of the food, it’s more the combination me and fatigue, but I kinda lost a big Wednesday-part this time. And how is this all working with being an introvert-ish with (several) social media accounts and a bloggers pass? I know from personal experience that it is some combination. Hopefully, you all got a little experience from the VMworld floor, photo’s went up Instagram, the first blog was written on the arrival evening, my twitter was full of tweets and meeting the vCommunity in person. But not all the time as I need sometimes need some quiet time from the rooms and sessions to…well get my batteries charged again. So sorry if I did not meet up in person, not intended to be an offense to you personally… it is just the way I work. But it is still awesome to be there, it is great to notice that the vCommunity is getting larger and is ever expanding.
When a next time comes up, I will be there and probably smiling! Until then.

So…to all attendees, VMware, and the VMworld team

Thank you for being awesome!

(and yeah to ITQ, but you know that already 😉 )

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