Migrating Horizon Databases

Reading Time: 5 minutes We have several components in a Horizon environment that utilize databases, and there are also quite a few situations when those use external databases. With external databases, it is often that organizations are using Microsoft SQL Server databases. And with external databases, like any others btw, requirements might change or lifecycle management of MSSQL or underlying Windows … Continue reading »Migrating Horizon Databases

Hello Hackathon VMworld EU!

Reading Time: 3 minutes This post first appeared as an article on the ITQ blog: https://itq.nl/hello-hackathon-vmworld-eu/ For the second year in a row, a hackathon was organized at VMworld Barcelona. The hackathon is mainly to provide the VMware {code} community with a fun and energizing space to “learn, code and connect” and create cool new things the world needs. And … Continue reading »Hello Hackathon VMworld EU!

VCAP-DTM Deploy Prep: La La Land Lab and Horizon software versions

Reading Time: 6 minutes VCAP-DTMmmmmm. After securing the VCP-DTM for version 6 and getting the pass results in for the version 7 DTM Beta, my sniper target is set for the VCAP-DTM’s. Maybe I should cut down on Battlefield 1 a bit ;). Anyhow….. As the title of this post suggests, first up the deploy exam. Version 6 as … Continue reading »VCAP-DTM Deploy Prep: La La Land Lab and Horizon software versions