WebCommander Walnut Installation Walk-through

Reading Time: 6 minutes In a previous blog post from a far away history, I wrote about the WebCommander Fling (https://www.pascalswereld.nl/2013/10/30/webcommander/). Man that one is from 2013, I have been putting blog posts out there for a while now, hope you did find something useful on the blog….. Anyhow back to this one. The WebCommander developer reached out in … Continue reading »WebCommander Walnut Installation Walk-through

WebCommander – VMware Lab Flings

Reading Time: 3 minutes An other post in the VMware Lab Flings series. This time a fling that I was re-introduced to when following the PowerCLI session at VMworld Europe. So what’s is WebCommander? Webcommander is a GUI framework around PowerShell and PowerCLI scripts. It gives an easy to use web interface. This can be used to provide users … Continue reading »WebCommander – VMware Lab Flings